What is AdapTrip?

Adaptrip is a Smartphone app that simplifies the visit to a new city, allowing the user to plan the trip in a very simple and quick way without needing Internet connection. We want the user to make the most out of the trip, and not worry about how to organise the journey or search for info. Users will only need to introduce their preferences and the app will automatically show the most suitable route and will guide them through the city. Whatsmore, when the user gets near a point of interest, the app will show all the interesting info of that place. Thanks to AdapTrip, users will no longer need to worry about the preparation of the trip, just about enjoying their visit!

And all this, for FREE you can download the app in google play!!


History and Art

Don't leave without learning about the History and Art of the island



Local cuisine is a must in every trip, trying the most delicious dishes and wines of the area


Boats and Sea

Discover the importance of the sea and fishing to local development



Learn about the typical architecture and its interesting facts

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware

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